Kaufmann Mercantile

High Carbon Steel Bar Knife

A 164-year-old knife manufacturer teamed up with an award-winning bartender to create this bar knife. It’s suited for all cocktail-making tasks, such as slicing citrus, notching garnishes, removing seeds from fruit or scraping off your workstation.

Made from high-carbon stainless steel with a grade of 420 from the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), the hard blade has a good resistance to food, water and acids. It is precision ground; hand-edged and honed, then cryogenically treated (the method of optimizing the iron hard structure of steel by exposing the metal to extremely cold temperatures) — all processes that help to keep the blade sharp.

The long, flat shape slices citrus and easily cuts fruit skins while maintaining the integrity of the fruit and the oil of the peel. The sharp, squared-off blade tip removes seeds and notches fruit to top off your cocktail with a fresh rim garnish. In between drinks, or after bartending is finished, use the flush underside of the blade to scrape off and clean your workstation.

The versatile, multi-purpose blade is triple brass riveted to a contoured, comfortable handle made from cocobolo, a tropical hardwood with a high oil content that is resistant to moisture and the wet environment of your bar station.