Parker Safety Razor

Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set

This combination set from Parker is the perfect starter set for the guy who wants to upgrade his shaving routine.

Included in the set is the Parker 96R butterfly-open safety razor, a genuine pure badger brush, and a stand to hang dry the brush and display your gear in style. Each component matches with chrome and black styling. The Parker 96R has a brass frame and sports a twist-to-open butterfly head for easy blade replacement and a wonderful balance at 3.0 ounces (the perfect amount of heft). The deluxe brush is made of hand selected, pure badger bristles, which are extremely soft, dense, and create a great lather.


  • Includes a Parker 96R Butterfly Open Safety Razor
  • Deluxe pure badger bristle brush with black & chrome handle
  • Matching chrome stand
  • A great gift for yourself or for any wet shaver looking for a classically beautiful and functional shave set