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A Letter from the Editor

For the entirety of my memorable youth, this time of year marked many things, but central to all of them was “back to school”.

Life was defined by it: new friendships, experiences, courses, and depending on your age, new living quarters. And no matter what grade you were entering, from elementary to undergraduate, the return from months of summer vacation provided a chance to renew oneself. To begin again.

While us adults aren’t graced with a lengthy break from which to emerge anew, there’s something about this turn of the season that still feels bigger than any other. I can’t help but consider Labor Day a superior candidate for New Year’s Eve. This is truly the start of the new year. Plus, football.

In light of this “new year” upon us, it seemed fitting to look back. To reflect on those memories and experiences foundational to our days in school that continue to echo into our adult lives.

While life has only moved forward and upward since my days at university, the memories and experiences and developments from those formative years are sacred. I certainly have prideful and painful and plenty of awkward memories from those days. But a few moments of reflection over them provide me with a rich nostalgia like nothing else in the world.

This month’s issue takes inspiration from such nostalgia. From midnight mac and cheese to handwritten blue book essays to sauntering through senior hall with a patched up varsity jacket, we’ve assembled a series of stories and features that give a nod to the iconic items and experiences of our days in (and out) of class. While many things are not worth revisiting (we’re looking at you, finals), there’s much to be enjoyed, and in some cases, adopted.

Best of all, note-taking is optional. And there’s absolutely positively no exam at the end of the month.

Ian Deming, Editor-in-Chief