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A Letter from the Editor

I kind of get a kick out of telling people I have partial red/green color blindness. It’s often followed by a series of questions, the first of which is usually a test with a nearby object (“what color is my shirt?” is a favorite). It’s funny because, for myself — and others with mild deuteranomaly, the most common kind of color blindness — most colors render accurately: red is red, green is green, blue is blue, and so on. It’s just that my brain has a hard time parsing between some of them in groupings, or when there is a green or red object amidst a mass of its opposite. Basically, don’t ask me to find a small, red ornament on a Christmas tree or help you decide between two shades of pale pinks or a handful of blue-greens (both of which, depending on the hue, I sometimes confuse with varying shades of grey).

Needless to say, I’m glad I’m in charge with editing words and not photos for this month’s issue: Color Theory. We selected a grouping of colors (well, our talented team of mostly-not-color-blind creatives did), and for each one, we found a different product, brand, person, or place that is related to, inspired by, or in some way representative of, that specific shade. From a pair of Italian sneakers to a pair of NYC-based creatives, each story will deliver a unique perspective, colorful visuals, and, if we did it right, inspiration for your day.

After reading this issue, I hope you find yourself more attuned to the beauty of color in a new way. You may even find yourself moved to pick out a new shade of pink sneakers or mint paint for your hallway. Just remember to smile and nod if someone comments that it’s a fantastic choice of taupe.

Ian Deming, Editor-in-Chief