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Coastal inspired and NYC-based, Hasta is the product of an unlikely group of three co-founders with roots in filmography, production, and design, respectively. The result? A brand that’s one part quirky, one part comfort, and many parts awesome.

Tyler Rowe, who grew up in Savanna, Georgia, is a ways from home in the Big Apple. But, through Hasta, he’s still connected to his roots. “I grew up fishing just south of Miami, Key Largo, Islamorada,” Tyler explains. “Then sometimes we’d pop over to the Bahamas and go do some spear fishing over there. A lot of lobstering in the Keys, and then deep sea fishing off the coast of Miami. Going for Marlin and Dolphin and Tuna and big game fish, stuff like that.”

Tyler speaks of fishing with strong affection. The prep work the night before, ensuring the rods are put together, the hooks are sharp. Then, on the water, the waiting. The energy. The exhilaration when you finally get a hit.

It was from both this anticipation and inspiration of the sea that Hasta was born. Fittingly, the brand’s name is latin for spear. “The essential spirit of a spear is that it’s exactly what you need,” explains Tyler. “There are no add-ons to it. It’s simply a spear and a sling. That spirit, from a design standpoint, is what we’re asking ourselves as well: what do people need and how do they need it? Then we do our best to deliver that.”

Joining forces with apparel designer Ginger Jones and longtime apparel industry expert Rory Fortune, Tyler and his two other co-founders are quickly developing Hasta into a brand that is fresh, distinct, and worthy of attention.

With Ginger’s background in bespoke tailoring in London, Tyler’s book of filmography, and Rory’s knowhow in production and business, the Hasta team brings together diverse backgrounds. That diversity shows in their ability to divide and conquer, turning their debut collection from concept to reality in a relatively short period of time. But despite its quick turnaround, it doesn’t appear they’ve cut any corners. The line is uniquely ready for both surf and city, movement and relaxation. All of the items are simple, yet provide real-world consumer benefits, like well-positioned pockets, stretch, comfort, and water resistance.

One of the things that makes Hasta so fresh is that, while coastal, it’s not pure sunshine. It is, in a way, the lunar version of a surf brand. Surfy yet mysterious. Relaxed, yet a little more serious. Similarly juxtaposed, the items aren’t overtly technical or functional. Yet every product exhibits some sensibility toward technical and functional elements, from fabric choice to articulation to snaps and zippers.

Take the the fabric of their bomber and beach pant: it’s breathable but water-resistant, and it’s also a seersucker. It’s sophisticated and sporty at the same time, but not in a “streetwear” sort of way. Similarly, Hasta places a beach short waistband and mesh pockets on a tailored trouser. One with a slight drop in the crotch and gusset, so whether you’re cycling or running or simply man-spreading, you have very real but very subtle flexibility and support. Oh, and they’re made in Italy.

“One of the things that we like to do with design is to take elements and references from garments that can either be laid together or don’t necessarily come within the same context,” says Ginger. “So we have a lightweight, unlined bomber, and its got a front more similar to a cardigan than an actual flight bomber. There’s simply a different psychology to it. It looks and feels like a bomber, but there’s an ease and casualness to it that almost feels like Mr. Rogers’ cardigan.”

It’s little details like these that make Hasta stand out: rubber buttons, bonded pockets, and dropped tails that give you that extra bit of protection on your back rise when you’re cycling, skating, or just chilling at the beach.

From casual tees to their newly released Summer capsule collection (which consists of an amazing Japanese nylon bomber, a seersucker beach pant, and two Italian-made cotton pique polos), Hasta is poised to make waves in the industry and your wardrobe alike. As long as they continue to roll out curiously unique yet coastally comfortable pieces in their ongoing collections, they’ll keep our attention for seasons to come.

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