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Like a Boss

If you’re one of the hundreds of millions of information workers blessed with regular employment, you likely spend a good amount of time at a desk. Whether your desk resides in a cube, an open layout, or you’re privileged with walls surrounding your productivity space, this is your sacred sanctuary of work. On top of your slab of metal or wood or composite sits the noble machine through which you kick ass and take names. Despite the fluorescent bulbs that bathe your forehead in a green glow of monotony, this is where dragons are slain, damsels are rescued, and invoices are processed. You are the king and this is your keep.

But more often than not, beyond the occasional family picture, most workspaces are a sad mess of post-it notes, paper clips, and fast food wrappers. We say “no more”. While you may not have an office the size of Don Draper’s (nor the company culture that supports a bar cart next to your desk), that doesn’t mean you can’t outfit your arsenal with the right tools.

It’s time to arm yourself with the proper weapons of modern workfare. You may not be the boss. But regardless – you sir, are a gentleman.