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Bringing It All Together

5th-generation retailer Justin Machus brings inspired fashion pieces alongside accessible basics under one roof in his Portland-based boutique, Machus.

Home to world-renown creative agencies, sportswear giants Nike and Adidas, and a whole lot of trees, Portland is an eccentric clash of crunchy, creative, and quirky. As such, the city — and its plethora of beer guzzling, coffee drinking, American Spirit smoking inhabitants (okay, we’re generalizing here) — are at once the butt of cultural amusement and the source of some of the world’s most profound artistic ingenuity.

With this said, one thing Portland has not been known for is fashion. So it’s a unique and altogether welcome home for Machus, the eponymously-named menswear boutique that exemplifies modern lifestyle fashion (one that is wonderfully absent of buffalo plaid flannels).

As a 5th-generation retailer, the store’s owner, Justin Machus, has learned from a long line of experience. “When I was a kid, I would sell Swatches at my mom’s store, then go across the street and watch my dad sell Italian suits, and then go down a block to see grandpa sling $8 Wisconsin tees from China,” says Justin. Witnessing (and working) in such a variety of retail types has certainly helped Justin know how to run a business and, of equal importance, know what he’s trying to deliver. And at Machus, he delivers it in spades. Justin has brought together high design, beautiful fabrics, modern cuts, and accessible basics all under one roof.

With household names like APC and Naked & Famous right next to avant-garde brands such as HBA and Drole de Monsieur, Machus provides a single stop for a variety of sensibilities. And when they’re placed next to each other on a rack, often paired by color palette, discovery is a wonderfully natural byproduct, providing customers a place to explore avenues of both classic and progressive fashion at once.

“I love having everything from Won Hundred to Off White,” says Justin. “Stuff for your architect guy to your 16-year-old streetwear kid. I love bringing it all together and having it all sit in the same spot.”

As an expert at bringing unique elements together (not to mention an individual who thrives on developing close relationships with every designer he sells), it was a no-brainer to partner with Justin on a shoot for our Come Together issue. We worked with Justin to style three looks — bright, rich, and black — and he didn’t disappoint. From his styling to photography, the looks Justin assembled and the images he captured well-demonstrate his passion for fashion, beauty, and people alike.


Look One: Bright

“Alex, our model, is a customer and has been shopping with us for years,” says Justin. “So I know what he likes.” Light denim with a white, collared shirt looks good on just about anyone. In this case, Justin chose the Cast Jean from John Elliott and an oxford from Off-White. Paired with Alex’s own AC Classic Premiums from Nike, this is a go-to uniform for those drier days ahead.

Look Two: Rich

Rich color doesn’t necessarily mean bright. The deep camel color and texture of these tapered wool pants by Drole de Monsieur, along with the deep navy of their Threequarter Sweater combine to deliver depth of palette in a relaxed silhouette.

Look Three: Dark

“The black Machus tee layered up with Won Hundred skinny jeans is an obvious combo,” says Justin. “Which is what I want these shirts to be: something in your closet that’s an easy staple.” When in doubt, black on black on black just works. Especially in the winter months. Layering short and long sleeve Machus tees over slim jeans and finishing them off with a chunky officer boot, Justin demonstrates his art of deliberate simplicity.