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Marko Morciano

Well-versed creative and visual artist Marko Morciano has crafted a unique lens through which to see the world. Thanks to his Instagram feed, we get to share the view.

Like many good things (and quite a few bad), AYellowMark started as a simple hashtag. But in just a few short years, it evolved from an amusing exercise in visual creativity to a website, an Instagram account with over 25,000 followers, and the distinctive brand of its owner: Italian creative Marko Morciano.

Originally from Alessano, a small village near Santa Maria di Leuca, Marko developed an affection for photography at a young age. While he went on to experiment in a number of fields, he developed enduring passions for graphic design, copywriting, branding, and marketing. At their core, these practices are all centered on finding a truth and expressing it through a creative medium. So it’s no surprise that Mr. Morciano took a unique, personal truth (an affection for yellow) and chose an equally unique way of expressing it: by painting the world through its lens. The result is the beautiful and cheery array of images found in @ayellowmark.

AYellowMark follows a pattern (with occasional deviation), creating a chessboard alternation of yellow backgrounds and white backgrounds. The nearly-identical shade of yellow — in addition to Mr. Morciano’s knack for a well-framed snapshot — make for a feed that is as enjoyable to scroll through in tile view as it is image by image. From an adorable gerbil perched on the side of a guitar to a tray of frosted cookies to a Fiat 500, each image is distinctively Marko, yet unique on its own. There’s something new with each flick of the thumb, nothing repeated in excess, and some sunny perspective to be found at every turn.

While Marko has capitalized on the success of this singular account (with brand partnerships and even a few custom products), he has no plans to develop profiles of other colors. “For me, yellow creates a pleasant feeling of peace and positive energy,” he says. “AYellowMark is born from this passion for the color yellow. Not as a marketing experiment.”

Whether he’s seeking out inspiration from the lines of architecture or simply enjoying one of the many yellow items on his studio desk, the creative director finds the spectral constraints of a singular color as a stimulation, rather than a hindrance. “To concentrate on something so specific provides a creative objective,” says Marko.

As many creatives know, such objectives open rather than close doors to new forms of expression (see the young photographer that ventures out to “shoot something interesting” and returns with hundreds of photos that are anything but). Too much freedom can (and often does) repress vision. Call it what you will — analysis paralysis or ignorance or intentional constraint — a framework through which to see the world can open one to a whole new way of seeing things.

No matter what shade of glasses you see the world through, it’s worth your time to see it through Marko’s.

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