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There’s an art to making something old look new, to redefine a classic in a way that feels familiar but fresh. While this is arguably the aim for many brands, OUR LEGACY has succeeded in doing so especially well, with several seasons of simple, refined menswear in revised and refined silhouettes, shapes, and fabrics.

The essence of the OUR LEGACY aesthetic is characteristically Scandinavian, the OUR of the brand is executed in the designer’s unique twist on traditional menswear. The LEGACY is portrayed in the careful construction and selection of quality silks, wool, leather, and other fabrics that infuse the carefully reimagined silhouettes with a heritage feel, their LEGACY.

The brand was created in 2005 in Stockholm by Christopher Nying and Jockum Hallin with a line of graphic t-shirts. The duo became a trio in 2007 when mutual friend Richardos Klarén joined, and in 2008, they began showing complete collections, swapping the traditional runway for unique presentations and showcases of their work.

As the brand’s reputation and sales quickly grew, they began to open retail spaces alongside. They opened their first store in 2008 in Stockholm’s Södermalm district, followed in 2012 with a Gothenburg store, a flagship in Stockholm, and their fourth store in 2014 in Soho in London, their only location outside of Sweden.

Each piece, of which they produce many per season, stands on its own, but when you put two of their pieces together, or an entire look, style is elevated to the next level. Shirts, sweaters, suits, denim all beautiful designed with fabrics carefully sourced from Portugal, Italy, and the UK. Classic suits with slightly baggier pants, leather jackets that sit a bit higher on the waist, or a parka that falls down past the knees. T-shirts in extra soft terry, classic oxfords in crisp whites, dark peeled flannel and updated chambrays, and slim knits in Italian merino and soft wool. The combined effect is particularly polished, modern, and unique; enough to cause double takes, if not turned heads.

Their Spring Summer ‘16 collection, entitled “Syndrome”, includes everything from sporty loungewear, jackets, and hoodies to more structured and tailored outerwear, trousers, and shirting. Their ability to reimagine traditional with a twist is well represented in four of their tops: their Classic Shirt in Duo in a beautiful subtle pink Chinese raw silk, the narrow curved collar of the Shawl Zip Shirt in Pigment Ocean Cotton, the slim fit and premium cotton and silk Blend of the Zip Shirt, and the extra soft and comfy Textured Bouclé Jersey of the Long Sleeve Tee in Grey & White Pique. Each piece is a compliment to anyone’s current wardrobe

OUR LEGACY is solidifying their legacy as products quickly fly off the shelves in over 240 multi-brand stores worldwide, in addition to their five retail spaces. A remarkable selection of pieces that look unique and special and feel exactly that once you put them on. Make OUR LEGACY your own.


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