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Triad Speakers

As we’ve been discussing this month, music permeates our lives. From ads on TV to the innocuous jazz playing in elevators, it seems to envelop all spaces and times with a constant hum. So much so, that we often become numb to the real power of music. We all know that time is the rarest and most valuable commodity in this age. But we would argue that investing the time to really listen to great music (and investing in the equipment to do so) is a worthwhile pursuit.

There’s something really breathtaking about actually sitting down to focus on a single record. To shut out the distraction of the week and be consumed by a piece of audible artistic expression. It’s an experience that can (and should) both augment and alter reality. A painstaking amount of time and effort goes into making a record. To capture sonic nuance. To release soul through sound. It can be both mindset and perspective altering. So it’s a shame that so many choose to reproduce this work through $.99 earbuds with no ability to deliver this experience.

There’s a world of difference between this in-ear experience and a well voiced, well made, perfectly amplified set of stereo speakers.

Such is this month’s investment: a great set of speakers for your home. High quality audiophile speakers are not cheap. But damn, if you’ve been in a friend’s place that has the right set up, something amazing can happen when a record is played.

Triad speaker company, located in Portland, Oregon, is one of those special companies dedicated to a very unique and singular purpose: to make listening an immersive experience. The process that goes into this, however, comes at a cost (in our opinion a worthy one). When you enter their factory, music is readily present. As is the craftsmanship and engineering that goes into the designing and construction of each speaker.

Triad is full of engineers, most of them working meticulously on new ideas, and custom designs (Triad is an expert in custom, one of a kind, speaker installs). And potentially equally inspiring is that those engineers are making time in their busy work day to tweak on each of their own speaker set ups for personal use. The team at Triad is a group of heady people that are working towards better and better sound reproduction.

At the helm of Triad’s talented team is Larry Pexton, a man who has been at the center of the audio industry for a long time. He is an extremely down to earth man who believes in what his company does. Pexton’s story is an inspiring one, filled with surprises and a lot of hard-nosed dedication. Pexton has been through a lot to get to this point with Triad. And, in the end, he has emerged from each trial better off and more dialed into an expression that is, at once, something worthy of your money.

With each investment piece we highlight at Classfare, we’re intent on selecting only those items that are truly crafted. Those items whose craftsmanship value attention to detail and commitment to executing an end product that will be built not only to last but to outperform lesser priced competitors. Triad exudes this as a mantra. Each speaker is made to order. No matter the price point, the process remains the same. And what comes out of the process are speakers that will make you question why you ever bought that home-theater-in-a-box at your local mega store.

I was able to get a demo of some new Triads, and what I heard was enlightening. Each track that was played was three dimensional, transparent, and voiced so well that I could place specific locations of violinists, pianists, and vocals. You would swear there were tens of speakers in the room. Now, this experience is nothing new for audiophiles, but I would contend that this is the exact reason that an audiophile spends so much of his or her hard earned money on an in-home set up (and for the earbud generation, this process is something that few have been exposed to).

So next time you pull out your earbuds and hit shuffle, remember that music need not only exist in the background of our lives, but it should be, whenever possible, placed on a mantle and focused on. Take the money to invest in the right set up and the time to connect to music itself. What you’ll experience will be not only addictive, but connective. And if you’re listening through a pair of speakers as good as these, it just may change your perspective.

Triad sells speakers from $300 – $15,000. Contact a rep via Triad’s website to figure out what type of set-up is best for you and your budget.