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WANT Les Essentiels

Timeless in construction and philosophy, WANT Les Essentiels is as luxurious in its integrity as it is in composition.

Twin brothers Byron and Dexter Peart, with partners Mark Wiltzer and Jacqueline Gelber, have matured the WANT Les Essentiel collection of products from its humble Montreal beginnings in 2006. Best known for luxury technology cases and travel bags, the English-French hybrid brand translates literally to “the essentials of life”, and many a discerning customer would agree.

Macro and micro, the Kastrup and Bradley are dreamy reminders of tiny urban twinkles from 40k feet and beading rain on a commuter cab window.

WANT Les Essentiels goods are consistently simple with a strong point of view. Explore any of the buttery French and Italian leather bags, and within the elegantly modest design, you’ll find details tailored specifically for the freneticism of travel. Hidden magnet closures, expandable snaps, and specifically-cut card pockets provide just as much efficiency and organization to the world traveller as the daily commuter. Subtle details such as these reinforce the notion that travel and progress are just as much about the journey as the destination.

A duality of utility and refinement is also reflected in the brand’s signature zipper. Half gold and half silver, the zipper represents both the collaborative union of the twin designers and their method of harmonizing reverence for the past with the drive to move forward.

If TSA Pre-Check wasn’t worth it before, the Tesla Plimsolls just dropped the mic. You won’t be taking these off. Ever.

A needs-first design process is another elevating factor for this brand. The Peart twins design their totes like a Tarantino movie, envisioning the full scope of intended contents first. Once they understand all the details that each piece needs to accommodate — and the type of character those contents build — they’re able to fabricate a solution around that story. This specificity elevates their pieces from one-size-fits-all to a sort of bespoke utilitarianism. Customers are granted the comfort of custom beneath the anonymous chic of simplicity, which makes all the difference in the dynamic bustle of travel.

No bags left unattended here. The Haneda 15 and Peretola are two of our top picks, named respectively after airports in Tokyo and Florence.