Saddleback Leather

Travel Case

If you want your lunchbox to outlast you, the travel case by Saddleback Leather is your bag of choice. While it doesn’t feature a water-sealed interior, it’s stiff leather shell and pigskin lining cleans easily. It will even keep things cold for up to 90 minutes (hopefully your commute isn’t any longer than that).


  • 6.25” H x 9.75” W x 6” D
  • Keep your stuff separate from your clothes
  • Stiff, structured bottom and sides for lasting shape
  • Overhanging lip and side flaps keep contents secure
  • If something explodes inside, wipe the pigskin lining off easily
  • Removeable shoulder strap
  • No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.