Issue 280: March 1957

True to form, in the mid ‘50s, Esquire continued to stand apart from the competition with their anchor in long form. In this issue, you’ll find works from Aldous Huxley (author of Brave New World), Paul Gallico (author of The Snow Goose), and a twenty page story from Irish novelist Anthony C. West. By this time, Esquire had widely integrated the use of photography alongside their illustrative staples. Over twenty years after the first issue released, and under the same direction from original Editor, Arnold Gingrich, the vibrant red cover of issue 280 touts a new and bold Esquire logo (the 4th of over 10 throughout the years). Cover to cover, you’ll assuredly be pulled right back into the 50s from this strikingly rich and conjointly deep issue of this editorial cornerstone.