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A Matter of Time

For most men, a watch can mean a lot of things. It could be your father’s (or great grandfather’s) timepiece passed down through generations, a symbol of familial pride. It could be your old calculator watch of which you’re still holding out hope will become a vintage timepiece (it might be). Either way, we at Classfare think every guy should have at least a few watches to choose from. If you already have an heirloom timepiece (see Rolex Mariner, a classic proven through time) and are ready to add a new watch, we recommend trying a watch with a black face.

Here are a few recommendations that won’t cost you an arm, a leg, or even a ¼ month’s rent.

Expedition Classic Analog Watch, by Timex
Timex has been making great watches for over 150 years. The Expedition Classic Analog Watch, with its brushed metal case and black face with contrasting dial and numbers is a great option for the outdoorsman-meets-casual man. Rugged (and stylish) enough to handle a week fly-fishing on the Snake River, it’s a perfect solution for the sportsman negotiating any environment.

Classic Analog Display Brown Watch, by Braun
Crisp shirts and tailored clothing sometimes require a unique approach. This Braun watch gives a nod to Dieter Rams’ minimalist sensibilities with its high contrast black face, brown strap, and modern typeface. This is strong, time-proven German design at its best.

Unisex Crossover Watch in Stainless Steel, by Projects
The clean lines and black on black colorway of the Projects Unisex Crossover channels architectural precision, while a pop of color provides whimsy to an otherwise “high design” aesthetic. We love the angles and the unique workings of the hands, which tell time with misaligned angles. If you have an affection for black and want to inspire a few extra years of higher education, this is the watch for you.

Draftsmen 01.Scale Watch, by Nendo
The Nendo Draftsmen combines the mechanical aesthetic of a speedometer with the focused care of Japanese sensibility.

Eclipse Rose Gold Watch, by Ziiiro
With its black on rose gold contrast and milanese band, Ziiiro’s special edition Eclipse offers high-design class at a wallet-friendly price point. And with the absence of numbers, and the hour and minute hands moving around the perimeter of the bezel, the Eclipse is a statement of confidence with minimalist aesthetic.

Illustration and lettering by Jordan Burnside