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Buck Mason

Tee shirts and jeans. Laid back and confident when worn well (see: James Dean and Steve McQueen), these timeless pieces are part hard work, part rock and roll, and all things iconic American cool.

Founders Eric Schnakenberg and Sasha Koehn of Made-in-the-USA brand Buck Mason have taken pride in helping rebirth this aesthetic, as well as the hard-working, American manufacturing ethos. Their pride extends into every facet of Buck Mason. Early on in the company’s start, the two founders made an appearance on Shark Tank and turned down $300,000. Confidence.

This confidence carries itself into the clothes. Denim from Cone Mills, perfect tees, oxfords, and hats made in partnership with Stetson (how John Wayne is that?). They preach a bold message: we don’t care about fashion – we care about taste. About our culture and time-tested pieces that are distinctly American. And, we at Classfare, love it. Nothing says too much, each piece is understated and well executed.

Ten and Two

In their words, “Where we’re from, the best dressed man is the one whose character is apparent in the way he wears his jeans. We’re from a place where a demand for endurance, fit, and quality is the only definition of style. We’re not excited by fashion. Buck Mason was born out of an obsession with standing out by being subtle, buying smart and affirming the true, classic heartland cool that we grew up on. Cool is effortless, stable, and poised. It’s the never-loud, always honest, unfailing preamble to timelessness. Cool is what happens when a picture of you today resurfaces in thirty years and people say, ‘He’s still got it.’ With this in mind, we’re committed to crafting clothing that outlives trends, weathers use and wears true-to-character. The garments we design aren’t meant to be different, they’re simply meant to be perfect.”

Not only does Buck Mason have a meaningful ethos – they have a sustainable model that eliminates middle-men and the typical retail markup. This means their workers make higher wages, production stays in the United States, and the consumer pays less money at checkout.

Good for me. Good for you. Good for America. Buck Mason.

Buck Mason Oxford in Black
Every guy needs a go-to black button down. This slim fit, medium-weight oxford from Buck Mason is your answer. Mother of pearl buttons and a slightly scaled down button down collar are quality details that elevate it above others at your local department store. Keep it untucked and wear it with well-worn jeans for confident, American swag.

Buck Mason Slim Fit Jean in Indigo (not pictured)
12oz unwashed Cone Mills denim from Buck Mason are the starting ingredient of Buck Mason’s jean. With an approachable price point, classic gold stitching, and a deep indigo color, these are a great choice for your next everyday pair of jeans.

Buck Mason Slub Tee in Slate
Cut a little long in the body and short in the sleeves, this is one of the best tee shirts out there at this price. Woven on low tension looms, the shirts are slub textured to add just a bit of interest.

Buck Mason Pima Tee in Charcoal
This slim fitting tee with a slightly rounded bottom is an updated but still classic take on everyone’s favorite weekend shirt. The 100% pima cotton is super soft, making it something you’ll want to wear day after day. Or, like us, just buy one for every day of the week.