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Don’t Be So Blue

Jeans and a t-shirt – a timeless combination that can channel Steve McQueen as easily as it can channel I-slept-on-the-lawn-in-these-pants-last-night guy.

Give the weekend warrior’s go-to combo a twist by pairing your trusty tee with a 5-pocket pant that’s not your standard blue. Find an interesting shade with wear or go with a different color entirely. And it doesn’t need to be chartreuse – black or white or gray are a great place to start.

Here are a few of our favorites.

The Cast – Coast by John Elliott + Co
While dark blue denim may still be your Friday night staple, don’t shy away from a lighter shade of blue. Just make sure it fits like these tapered slims from John Elliott + Co. While best known for approachable streetwear-inspired basics, John Elliott makes these washed and distressed 12.5 oz Japanese indigo selvedge jeans that will loosen up your look in just the right way. Pair with a button down oxford, a navy blazer, and white Chuck Taylors.

Custom 3×1 Selvedge Denim
With countless brands offering strong options in indigo, explore your funkier side with a color-wefted denim, like these crimson tinged jeans by New York based 3×1.

The Cast – Mica by John Elliott + Co
The sun is right around the corner, and there’s no better way to lighten things up than with a pair of white jeans. Look for something like these 5-pockets by John Elliott + Co, woven with right-hand 3×1 off-white selvedge denim. Pair with desert boots and tee for a relaxed, summer-friendly look.

Kuroki Gray Raw Selvedge by Flint and Tinder
Gray goes with everything. And while everybody looks good in navy, things can get pretty monotone if you pair a navy oxford or blazer with standard blue jeans. These Kuroki Jetsetter Gray selvedge jeans by Flint & Tinder are your answer. Did we mention that gray goes with everything?

Levis Navy Commuter Chino
More and more brands are manufacturing cotton, 5-pocket chinos (sometimes referred to as as jean-os). With a slim 511 cut, 33% elastene, and dirt and moisture wicking treatments, you may never want to wear another pair of pants again.

Sartor Slouchy Skinny by Hudson
Favored by rockstars the world over, black jeans are an easy way to step outside the box of blue. Hudson’s Sartor fit are in between a skinny and slim and include some stretch, which keeps you moving in comfort all day long, whether you’re rocking out on stage – or just rocking that spreadsheet into submission.