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Don’t Sweat It

Picture it: the sun is gleaming, the birds are singing, and there’s not a single cloud in the sky to ruin the majestic aesthetic of Mother Earth. Except, of course, that it’s a Wednesday, you’re stuck in the office, and once again, you’ve pitted through your clothes. Maybe climate change is to blame, or maybe you were once again daydreaming of vacationing in Havana (thanks, Obama), but the fact remains that your once-dry underarms and collar are now slick with odorous, sweaty remorse. What could you have a done to preempt such a catastrophe? Try these five tips to beat the heat.

Switch to Antiperspirant

It seems like a no-brainer, but the key to controlling underarm sweat is to ditch the same stick you’ve been using for ten years and go for something with a little more oomph. Where deodorant only succeeds in masking funk, the active ingredient in antiperspirant is aluminum chloride, which blocks the pores in your pits to prevent excessive sweat. Will you still bust a leak? Of course you will, so apply your AP before hitting the hay (when your body temperature is much lower than when you’re awake) to keep those pores closed and the sweat deluge at bay.

We recommend: Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Anti-Perspirant Stick

With its peppercorn middle notes and oakmoss/bergamot base blend, the Molton Brown Re-Charge stick will keep you dry and have you smelling like you just stepped out of the woods (in the I-chop-down-trees-for-fun sorta way, not the I-got-laid-off-and-now-my-neighbors-are-a-family-of-raccoons sorta way).

Cool it With the Hot Showers

Thought I was going to let you off easy, did you? Think again. Hot showers open the pores, allowing sweat glands to flow freely, making your shirts second only to your towel.

We recommend: the cold water nozzle

Avoid Synthetic Fabrics

If you’ve never checked the care tags on your clothes, then you should probably start. Those things are rife with information on not only how to wash your threads, but also what’s in those threads. Clothes made with blends of polyester, rayon, and/or viscose don’t breathe the way natural fabrics do, trapping your body temperature in what amounts to a shell of plastic.

We recommend: Wallin Bros Trim Fit Check Sport Coat

You’d think wearing wool to avoid sweating would be counterintuitive, but then you’d be thinking wrong. Wool performs a unique function called wicking, which draws the sweat from your body and evaporates. Often blended with other natural fabrics like linen, you get all the structure and none of the weight.

Opt for Poplin

Cotton comes in all sorts of weaves, and poplin is the lightest there is. Ignore its tendency to wrinkle a bit — a crisp poplin shirt is the coolest look and feel available. Go for a classic white, sky blue, or pastel pink, and you’ll never look back.

We recommend: The Summer Weight Shirt

Offered in tons of colorways and patterns, this is now your go-to summer shirt for both work and play. Wear the hell out of it.

Stay Hydrated

Another no-brainer, but one that often goes over many guys’ heads. If your daily fluid intake mainly consists of coffee, cola, and Coors, then it’s time to switch things up. Keep a water bottle by your workstation and sip throughout the day. Most docs agree that three liters of water is your daily recommended dosage, so take your bottle with you to the john and refill on the way back. Not only will all that Adam’s Ale keep your pits dry, but your skin will be smoother, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll significantly reduce your risk of heart disease (not dying: bonus!).

We recommend: Guayaki Yerba Mate

If you just can’t stomach the taste of plain old water like a big boy and are feeling the withdrawal effects of all the coffee you’re not drinking, then add some flavor with yerba mate tea. It’s got all the benefits of coffee, tea, and chocolate in one drink. Sweeten it with honey and drink it hot or cold.