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The number of brands that have capitalized on the now-waning trend of “Americana” are a dime a dozen. Few share the heart and soul of NYC-based Feltraiger.

Earlier this month, we shared the story of Dan and Jon Feldman, the brotherly duo behind cult-brand Feltraiger. Self-pronounced “America as Fuck” (a status we can indeed confirm as fact), the brand pays homage to classic Americana without feeling costume-y. Like other brands in this vein, they sell denim vests and button downs and jeans and t-shirts. But unlike many brands playing in the category, they have an inimitable attitude and culture and swagger that simply can’t be faked.

From creative to product to retail design, Feltraiger channels a distinct motorcycle-shop-meets-barbershop vibe, but with a modern twist. And slightly more grown up. You’ve got that greaser aesthetic in spades, yet it somehow doesn’t register heavily on the hipster scale. It could be because Dan and Jon birthed the brand from a line of family that literally owned barbershops. It could be because of their experience with photography and design and vintage clothing. Or it could just be because they’re great guys. Regardless, this brand, and their clothes, are damn cool. Read on to learn more about a few of our favorite items for the transition from summer to autumn and beyond.

American Modern Indigo Denim
Like any good American brand, Feltraiger makes a fine pair of denim. Made of raw, 14oz Cone Mills denim, this jean has a unique color — it’s not dyed too dark but not too light — allowing it to span multiple seasons. Meanwhile the triple-stitch back pockets and high quality hardware ensure you’ll be rocking these year after year after year.

Petcock Jacket
We’re fans of the hybrid shirt-jacket, and the Petcock is no exception. Styled as a sort of lightweight chore jacket, the Petcock is made from a heavy, herringbone cotton in a sky blue with gray undertones. The color and texture must be seen in person to be appreciated.

2 Bit Jungle Cloth Jacket
This jacket is made of military-grade jungle cloth, a water-repellent cotton version of Bedford cloth — named after Bedford England — that was originally manufactured for the U.S. Navy for flight clothing during the 1920s to 1940s. The roomier cut is perfect for layering, and the goes-with-everything olive color means this one will see plenty of rotation in your wardrobe through the turning of the season.

Valley Hula Shirt
The novelty Hawaiian print of the Valley Hula shirt sets it apart from the crowd. The heat isn’t letting up, so why would you?

Ellis Nautical Jacket
The “Ellis” (a nod to Ellis Island, where the Feltraiger family name was Americanized to ‘Feldman’), is not for the faint of heart. It’s features a bold, nautical-inspired stripe, while the soft cotton fabric keeps everything laid back and easy. Worn over another collared shirt like a jacket (as seen here) or on its own, it’s distinctively casual and distinctively awesome.

Liberty 70 Shirt
This short sleeve button-down features a single pocket with the brand’s signature triple-stitch and branded buttons, demonstrating top-notch construction. Meanwhile, the pattern and lightweight fabric channel beachy vibes for the ongoing summer days (giving you something to remember come autumn).

Feltraiger x High Seas Skull Destitute Vest
If you’ve ever thought that owning a badass denim vest with patches would be awesome, you are correct. The Destitute is the perfect execution of such a vest, and it’s as unique as they come. Feltraiger collaborated with High Seas Tattoo Parlor founder, Shon Lindauer, to create one of a kind pieces chain-stitched by hand in LA. Buy one before they sell out.