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Five Ways to Wear a Navy Blazer

Everyone knows the navy jacket is a (if not the) quintessential menswear staple (if you didn’t, you do now). If you purchase a navy suit with a little texture, the jacket will pair well with dressed down items, suddenly transforming into the perfect blazer.

Seen below, friend and musician Josh White shows off five unique ways to wear the most classic item in all of mens tailoring. Welcome to the most versatile item in your closet.

Well Suited

A navy two-piece is the building block for any man’s suiting game. This menswear classic is readymade for a cocktail party, your best friend’s wedding, or that upcoming budget proposal.

The most classic shirt pairing would be a poplin dress shirt (think white or light blue). This is, for most, enough, but feel free to accessorize to your heart’s content. Pair it with tie, pocket square, and even a lapel flower, like these ones from Hook + Albert.

The Milano

There’s a reason the menswear industry gathers in Milan for biannual fashion shows. The runway events are encored in the city’s cobblestone streets, where rich textures and silky knits come together with perfection.

Shown here, wearing a dark onyx turtleneck (not your uncle’s turtleneck) under your navy suit breaks the “no navy and black” rule with Milanese nonchalance.

Ivy League

Taking a page from the playbook of Ivy Leaguers everywhere, Josh shows off his preppy side with the collegiate combo of a Navy Blazer, white shirt, and Donegal wool trousers.

To keep things interesting, he buttons all the way up with a whimsically pattered shirt and opts for a college-striped pocket square (in lieu of the classic, college-striped tie).

Old Glory

With Americana swagger, Josh rocks a head-to-toe tonal look, contrasting the lightly textured blazer with a heavy chambray work shirt and well-worn APCs.

Pair this look with a brightly colored tie, or counter the workwear vibe with a loosely tied handkerchief, worn here as a gentlemanly cravat.

Call Me Ishmael

While tattoos certainly help, they’re not necessary for channeling your inner Ahab.

A navy blazer, striped tee, and white denim is a quintessential nautical look that will help you sail into summer in style. Roll up your sleeves, pair it with a bracelet or two (or at least a good watch), and you’ll find your white whale in no time.