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There’s this space between black and white that we’re all continually trying to define. That space between love and hate, between peace and war. Some call it art. Some call it love. Some call it God. Because in many ways, humanity lives primarily in this space. In the grey.

Grey is minimal. It’s timeless. It’s safe. And it’s bold in its simplicity, with clean and distinct form. Grey defines concrete things: the suit, the sweatshirt, watchface, the northwestern sky. And conceptually, it represents paradox: emotionally, physically, intellectually. In design, there are many mediums that explore this in-betweenness. It is an exploration that finds depth in dark hallways and whitewashed galleries. And in minimal lines, surfaces, and curves. And there are few in history who have demonstrated this better than Dieter Rams.

Mr. Rams, born in 1932 in Wiesbaden, Germany, is most famously known for his ten principles for good design. These ten principles focus on innovation, detail, function, truth, longevity, and a distinct and undeniable lean towards minimalism. They’ve become pillars of modern design and form, and they’ve withstood the test of time. Revealing their truths in our digital world in the form of iconic brands — such as Apple, which mimicked his 1987 design in the iOS 3 calculator — Rams influence has touched all of us in one way or another.

Rams’ background is diverse in its scope with medium. He worked in architecture, interior design, industrial design, consumer products (such as record players and slide projectors), and furniture. All of the objects that Mr. Rams created touched the world with his signature, “less, but better” mentality. Out of all of his design efforts, his work at Braun has gained the most exposure. And in that turn, we’ve been inspired to focus one of its takes on the world of minimalism through the expression of the color grey, as witnessed through the Braun Grey Ceramic Wristwatch.

This specific watch is, according to Braun, “a stunning physical interpretation of the ‘less, but better’ philosophy”. And we agree. The watch is housed, both with the watch casing (a quartz movement) and the band, in grey ceramic.

This timepiece is beautiful and fit for any occasion. It’s inexpensive as watches go, yet carries a distinction that is understated and confident. The ceramic outfitting of the watch is unique in its own right. But it doesn’t carry weight or any hint of flashiness. It sits in between occasion: suitable for a formal gala or a night at home with your friends. The design is thoughtful. Thought provoking. Glancing down, you may catch yourself pondering its face, instead of worrying about getting to the next appointment. And it may push you to take a pause, and explore the grey.