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Linen Blazer

There are many ways to do linen wrong. But the linen blazer is almost always right. Here are a few tips on choosing the right one and how it should be worn.

When you think of linen, what comes to mind? It could be rotund retirees on vacation. Or perhaps Pitbull at the world cup. Somehow, linen has been the fabric of choice for several unfortunate trends. Which is really a shame – it’s a highly breathable and elegant summer-weight layer, which is best witnessed in the form of the linen blazer.

With an unlined, lightweight construction, a linen blazer is easy to throw on over a polo, tee, or collared shirt, elevating your look from summer schlub to riviera royalty. Ideal for the office, summer weddings, date night, or any other occasion that necessitates upgrading your look while staying cool. Look for something trim but not too tight (you still want to move and breathe) in a light, neutral tone that reflects, rather than absorbs, light.

We hope it goes without saying, but never pair a linen blazer with matching linen pants. Rather, pair it with a white shirt and lightweight chinos. Finally, dress it up a bit with loafers or dress it down with clean sneakers (like Keawe, our model).

We like this linen blazer, by H&M. While inexpensive ($70), it’s clean lines and luxe look will have you ready for any occasion in the summer nights ahead.

Because variety is the spice of life, here are a few additional options we like: