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However you slice it, western culture hasn’t been friendly to men with a penchant for wearing jewelry. Despite its centrality in history over a multitude of cultures, jewelry has, for the most part, been the realm of the fairer sex. Even for the man who was comfortable enough to go against the grain, his options were few. And those items that were available were often either exorbitantly expensive or prohibitively eccentric.

Miami-based accessories brand Miansai was born to fill that hole. To provide the everyman with an accessible avenue through which he might add some personality to his otherwise bland palette. To step out without stepping beyond his comfort zone. Most simply, to wear a piece of jewelry and not feel self-conscious.

Based on their commercial success and widespread media coverage since launching in 2008, Miansai’s founder, Michael Saiger, has proven the need was real. Now eight years in, Miansai has grown their line, which originated with the now iconic hook-and-rope bracelet, to a wide range of beautiful, unique, yet still very approachable accessories, from cuffs and keychains to belts and backpacks.

Central to every Miansai product is a modern, industrial sensibility balanced with refined elegance. Nothing feels either explicitly masculine or, alternatively, overly precious. While accessories are, by definition, unnecessary, Miansai’s feel worthy of any man’s wardrobe, whether you’ve amassed a collection of unique wearables or are trying them out for the very first time. And, seeing as they carry everything from gold necklaces to black leather wallets, there’s really something for everyone.

While we’re enjoying a phase in menswear that has leaned heavily on wonderfully minimal stylistic expressions, don’t shy away from accessories like Miansai that bring together beautiful lines, quality construction, unexpected intrigue, and just the right amount of fun.

M12 Swiss Stainless Steel Watch, by Miansai
One of our favorite pieces from Miansai is the M12 Watch. It’s a well executed example of modern meets classic style. Inspired by watches of the 1950s, the M12 features minimal ticking, domed glass, and a vintage, cognac brown italian leather. Updated for today, it also features a 39mm stainless steel case — a not-too-big yet not-too-small size — which encloses a Swiss-made quartz movement.

Cognac Portfolio, by Miansai
For protecting important documents (or an iPad) in style, Miansai’s leather portfolio is perfect to slide into your bag or take as a standalone carry solution for meetings and visits to the bar alike. The diagonal front flap is a unique detail to an otherwise classic silhouette.

Half Layered Cuff Brass, by Miansai
If you’re looking for something simple yet sturdy and sculptural, a brass cuff is the perfect accessory. It dresses up well with a suit but can hold its own with a tee and shorts through the warmer months ahead. Brass is the new black.

Black Hook on Black Shark Leather Bracelet, by Miansai
Unless it’s black on black. This is the O.G Miansai design, channeling nautical inspiration through a minimal color palette. The bracelet is fully adjustable and features a matte black fish hook on black shark leather.

Vintage Cognac Leather Journal, by Miansai
Sometimes putting pen to paper is just better. Whether you’re jotting down notes, sketching your next design, or maybe even, say, journaling, this leather journal is perfectly sized (and styled) to take with you on the go.