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Sebo Walker

Sebo Walker has made planet earth both his office and the ultimate skater’s playground. He’s in a rare and impressive group of skaters that have made it from homemade neighborhood ramps and evading cops in local parking garages to touring the world on his deck.

Born and raised in Salem, Oregon, Sebo Walker was an energetic and disciplined child. A family friend recalls when Sebo and his two blonde, sweet faced brothers would show up at the local tennis club with their dad. With rackets as tall as they were, the brothers would spend hours hitting tennis balls. And when his brothers transitioned to skating at 13, Sebo did as well, and has since carried an intense work ethic through it all, rarely missing a day since he first began.

“It was the first activity I tried that had a sense of freedom to it. No coach, no main goal to win. Just a personal goal set by myself, to learn new tricks and expand my skills by having fun and loving the simple feeling of the progression all on my own.”

Sebo is as humble as they come, while maintaining an acute awareness of his skill set, alongside an unwavering pursuit of success. After high school, the young Oregon native took a leap of faith and moved to California to pursue his dream.

For two years, Sebo crashed on couches, struggled to make ends meet, and nearly found himself living on the street. And then, a stroke of luck came in the form of a silver Chrysler Town and Country van. Gifted to him from his parents, the van would go on to be his home for the next 4 years. He parked it near Stoner Skate Park, simply so he could spend as many of his waking moments doing the thing he loved: skating. Sleep, eat, skate, repeat.

“I’ve learned to live a simple life,” Sebo tells us. “ To appreciate every day to the fullest, and to be thankful for how many amazing things my family and friends have provided for me in my life.”

While he’s come a long way in his skating career since then, the van is a core part of Sebo’s brand, most notably demonstrated on the insole of the custom Sebo Walker Lakai shoe he helped design, which was released in the spring of 2015.

Like his story, Sebo’s skate style is poetic. He transitions from rolling deck, to pavement, to mid-air tricks with fluidity and ease, forming blurred lines of motion. It appears as if his deck is attached to a puppetmaster’s strings, moving together in continuous harmony, complementing and challenging one another to fly faster, kick higher, and skate on.

And skate on he does. Day in, day out, morning to evening, Sebo skates. From Salem to LA, Barcelona to Cape Town, Chicago to Warsaw, Sebo has been fortunate to kickflip his way around the globe. “The greatest experiences have definitely been being able to travel the world,” says Sebo. “I’ve been to so many different countries because of skateboarding. Traveling with friends, different cultures, languages, food, skate spots, etc. It’s been a huge blessing to be able to travel the world.”

When he’s not skating at least 8 hours a day, Sebo spends time at the local LA Fitness to stay fit (since, apparently, skating 8 hours a day doesn’t cut it). He also works at Simon’s, a local Venice shop, and paints made-to-order custom board grips for fans around the world. At this rate, his notoriety and contributions to his community and industry will only continue to grow. “I’m also working on three video parts,” says Sebo. “Custom grip for MOB, illustrations for a children’s book about skateboarding, written by my friend Matt Sibol, an art show with Lucas Beaufort that will be at end of June, and trying to learn Spanish on the side.”

Apparently, Sebo has more hours in the day than Beyoncé.

And his hard work has paid off; Sebo recently achieved his ultimate goal of going pro in January 2016 with the creative and very selective Krooked team. Well deserved is an understatement, but it’s another remarkable example of what Sebo has achieved through hard work and perseverance.

Wherever his wheels and infectious smile take him, there’s no doubt Sebo will find continued success, mostly through hard work, an unyielding commitment to his craft, and unwavering integrity.

His advice to other aspiring skaters?

“Keep having fun, stay healthy, and take care of yourself, so you can do what you love for a long, long time.”

Aspiring skater or not, that’s pretty good advice.