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The Vintage Advantage

We’re all for the caramel richness of new leather, or cracking open the seal of an untouched accessory that will see years of use, but some objects are just better worn. Our Creative Director, Jordan Philips, shares the six items that he buys exclusively vintage.

Tie Clips

“Not a daily-wearer by any means, but these have always played a signature role in finishing off my suited look.”

Vintage Advantage: When you buy tie clips vintage, you can get them for $10-20 a pop (compared to the $95-$300 price tag for new). Look for a solid clip in good condition with a subtle detail that speaks to your uniqueness. One of JP’s best finds was a gold clip with a glass bead in the center featuring an imprinted marlin. Weird, but subtle.


“Keep the fire burning, gentlemen. Your lighter needs character and should have a good reason to never be ‘lost’ under your front seat.”

Vintage Advantage: Not everyone needs a lighter, but a Zippo beats a Bic any day. Vintage zippos are the same price as new, with the added bonus of inherited history. You can often find customized engravings and beautiful wear patterns in patina if you take the time to hunt. Add the mental leash of sentimental value and never leave your light behind again.


“Umbrellas shouldn’t be gaudy. Keep them classy, and of course, rare.”

Vintage Advantage: A good umbrella should have a fine wood handle, with a touch of antique brass to accent. Most umbrellas nowadays, if nice, are expensive. Buying vintage gives you a whole lot of charm for the same price as a flimsy Target umbrella. And if you just pronounced that “Tar-zjay”, you are dismissed.

Leather Driving Gloves

“With the wear comes a good story, and an even better grip.”

Vintage Advantage: You’re going to pay a pretty penny to find a new prime pair of driving gloves. Luckily, these auto accoutrements are generally well cared for and lightly used when found vintage. Use leather conditioner to alleviate any cracks in the aged leather to make them look like they’ve been worn for years…by you.

Vintage Carerra Sunglasses

“The 80’s were good to Carrera, and the classic embellishments make them good to you.”

Vintage Advantage: Imagine a Porsche, slithering around the winding curves of the Italian countryside into the gradient of a setting sun. Now imagine being in the driver’s seat. Carrera and Porsche grant you that in their classic round teardrop aviator. Paired with a faded lens, these are the be–all and end–all of vintage sunglasses. They’re likely a rare find in local shops… but when you do find them, they’ll run less than $100 for a piece of classic eyewear. Give the Ray-Bans a rest.


“Chivalry may be dead, but its vestige remains. A kerchief can score you an A+ on versatility.”

Vintage Advantage: Listen, you have to be careful here. First and foremost: mind the stains. We’re talking maiden tears, blood, or worse. But, you can get a dual purpose wipe-all and pocket square if you pick up the right one. If up to snuff, a handkerchief is an inexpensive and handy style piece to hang on to.