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Up, down, left, and there is no right.

In a culture of innovation, the vibrancy of “trend” joins death and taxes as a constant (thankfully, without the same repercussions).

And if trends are the tempo changes behind the melody of art, culture, and personal expression, we’ve found ourselves in somewhat of a golden age of harmony. In a wondrous sartorial song of kumbaya. The lines between left and right, gay and straight, and hipster and lawyer have started to fade, and we’re all better off because of it.

For whatever the reason, there’s a growing respect for that which has stood the test of time. Beyond an appreciation for craft and quality is respect. Respect for those that came before and proved that classics are classics for a reason. Open most menswear magazines and you’ll find articles on “getting back to basics” and menswear classics. This doesn’t mean the trends need be ignored (though they can be) – rather, find those trends that feel like you, and pair them alongside of the timeless pieces of your wardrobe that would be just as at home 20, 30, or 50 years ago.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we took to the studio with designer Justin Morris. An avid wearer of sporty visors and streetwear-ready sneakers, we wanted to show how his unique expression of style still looks grounded by pairing with the most timeless of menswear classics: the collared dress shirt and a blazer.

And who better than to provide said shirts and jackets than Richmond-based Ledbury? Every Ledbury shirt is made with high-quality fabrics, mother-of-pearl buttons, and constructed in small European factories by tailors whose understanding craftsmanship has been passed down for generations. Ledbury’s goal is “to set trend aside and make great-fitting, exceptional quality clothing that can be worn in any setting and by any generation”. An ambitious goal which, thus far, they’ve been proving with confidence – one shirt at a time.

Just remember – one doesn’t need to dress up when wearing a “dress shirt” or jacket, or dress down when wearing sneakers. With one eye on personal expression and the other on the classics, you’ll be ready to dress well, no matter where you (or the trends) decide to go.