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A Letter from the Editor

I was having a drink the other day (one I’ve had many times) at a favorite bar (one I’ve been to on many occasions). But it tasted different. While it could have been a heavy-handed pour of booze or an extra juicy lime, I’d like to think it was to blame on the sun.

Where I live, we enjoy four seasons – none of which are extreme, but all of which are distinct. And because of their character, each carries its own romance and nostalgia and beauty. Except for spring. Spring sucks here – it’s basically a dreary extension of winter. But thankfully, we’re about to turn the corner.

My fondness for summer is certainly due to the aforementioned nostalgia – to three months of water grenades and bike rides and, of course, no homework. And yet, it’s become much stronger in recent years. Despite the fact that the “homework” never lets up (not to mention the dreadful absence of football and basketball), there’s something that makes one feel like a kid trapped in an adult’s body when you plant bare feet on the grass and a cold bottle to your lips. It might be the vitamin D or cold cocktails talking, but no matter your affection for your day job, those cliché country radio “Friday night” anthems hit a little closer to home this time of year.

So it was fitting that, when we interviewed designer Stephen Kenn for this month’s issue, he referenced the powerful effect of environment (in his case, furniture) and how it changes the way we interact with one another. All it takes is the right furniture or a sunny forecast to change the way we interact with the world. To change the way we plan our weekend. To change the flavor of our favorite drink.

And so, our May issue of Classfare leans into the new solstice with a number of seasonally appropriate features, including summery sneakers, day drinking at the beach, and the classic American barbecue.

So may your next weekend (and your favorite cocktail) taste a little different. Flavored with little more lime. A little more sunshine. A little more summer.

Ian Deming, Editor-in-Chief