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Winter Getaway

As we gathered at the top of the lift for our first run of the day, we breathed in the cool mountain air and breathed out a collective sigh of satisfaction. The hum of the ski lift was dampened by the placid blanket of snow stretching in every direction.

Then – a shout came from over our shoulders, snapping us from our reverie. “Dude! This pow is Aspectacular!”.

Aspectacular indeed. A linguistic compound of such broness doesn’t come along every day. And the opportunity to capitalize on it would not be forsaken. We honored our local Aspenite friend over the next three days by inventing inappropriate portmanteaus, enjoying local brews, and general Asp-baggery around the Colorado town perhaps best known as Lloyd’s favorite vacation getaway.

And besides carving new ruts in the powder, that’s the best part of the mountain getaway: reveling in the scarcity of LTE to become one with the primordial elements of rock and wind and ice and booze.

So that’s what we did. And that’s what we recommend. Enjoy a snow day like it’s meant to be enjoyed. But do make sure you’re prepared for the elements. Donning a pair of trusty boots from Danner is a good start. Pictured here, the Danner Light is a silhouette that looks as badass as it did when it was introduced in the late 70s. It features their iconic “lace to toe” design along with gore-tex liners, Vibram outsoles, and premium waterproof leathers.

When you’ve got quality like that on your feet, everything else is easy. Finish with simple, masculine, and goes-with-everything neutrals and you’ll be ready to down a spruce.

Or at least another whiskey.

John Graham Mellor Jeans, by Tellason
Raw selvage denim (Cone Mills White Oak red line, if you care about such things). Badass, durable, and ready for the outdoors. Just like you.

Danner Light, by Danner (shown in Timber)
Gore-tex liners, Vibram outsoles, and premium waterproof leathers formed into the iconic Danner silhouette we know and love.

Bismarck Churchills Ballcap, by Ebbets for J Crew
Ebbets Field Flannels are known for their faithful reproductions of vintage baseball paraphernalia — this one features the emblem of the Churchills, an independent club in Bismarck, North Dakota, that was integrated more than a decade before Jackie Robinson broke the Major League barrier.